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Jebel Ali Medical City

The Jebel Ali Medical Centre will be the first elderly oriented hospital in the Middle East. With a rapidly ageing Middle Eastern population, the Jebel Ali Medical Centre will be able to accommodate this rising demand in healthcare by having a comprehensive range of medical services within one complex. There will be five specialist centres co-located within the complex, expediting a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The largest centre being the nursing care centre, accommodates two main buildings and two sub buildings to the north of the complex. The buildings in the middle of the complex are accommodated by the cardiac & vascular centre and rheumatology & orthopaedics centre respectively. Closest to the entrance on the other hand, is the rehabilitation centre to the west and the geriatric & palliative centre to the east.

The nursing care centre ensures the utmost comfortability and convenience for elderly patients in an exclusive and luxurious environment. A strong emphasis on hospitality makes a visit to this facility more of a vacation at a luxury hotel than a treatment at a medical facility.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Jebel Ali Medical City

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